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Apr 3 12 10:27 AM

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I'm selling my Bantam D14. The engine number is D14B followed by four numbers. The frame number is D14B also followed by four numbers. Although the frame and engine numbers do not match, I believe this was common at the time. The problem I have is that there is someone interested in the bike, but he thinks the the number should be D14B 781 as stated on the BSA owners club website. I think he is doubtful as to whether the bike is all original. Although I bought it second hand, I always believed that it was. Can anyone please help?
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Screaming 2 stroke

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Apr 23 12 8:56 PM

Frame and engine numbers would have been identical for all BSA models of that era, it was only things pre 66 which were not. As a general rule of thumb, some bikes may have had identical numbers for many years, but I have my doubts

Regards Allan

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